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Putting You Right Again

Back pain may be a common malady among the U.S. population—but that doesn’t make it “normal.” In addition to the acute pain suffered as a result of auto accident injuries, sports injuries, and other traumas, chronic pain from a spinal misalignment or degenerative condition can creep up on you over time, limiting your ability to work, play, sleep, and generally enjoy life.

Whatever the cause of your suffering, you need and deserve to experience relief, ideally without turning to invasive surgery or drugs. That’s where Simmons Specific Chiropractic can help by providing effective natural treatment options.


What Causes Back Pain?

The back is not only the most important supportive structure in the body, it is also the most neurologically “packed” (aside from the brain). The spinal column houses the spinal cord and the major nerve branches that extend outward to relay signals to the rest of the body—so when something happens to damage or stress this sensitive nerve tissue, pain is frequently the result.

The back also relies on large muscle groups to help bend, twist, and hold your body upright, and injury to these soft tissues can also produce back pain and stiffness.

How Does Back Pain Start?

Typical back pain scenarios include:

  • An auto accident or sports injury that jolts the spine out of its normal alignment while also tearing muscles and connective tissues
  • Age-related disc herniation, stenosis, or spinal arthritis
  • Chronic posture/alignment problems that throw your body off balance, straining muscles, and putting extra wear and tear on joints
How Do I Get Back Pain Relief?

Some people turn to surgery to solve their back pain issues, only to find that the invasive procedures and lengthy recovery times pose their own challenges. Surgery tends to be permanent—and it sometimes does more harm than good.

Dr. Simmons urges back pain sufferers to try non-invasive solutions first. He uses a state-of-the-art chiropractic x-ray technique to help pinpoint the exact cause of your back problem. By relieving nerve impingement symptoms at the source, you can experience lasting relief without taking painkillers or undergoing surgery.

We may also prescribe massage therapy and corrective exercises to soothe muscle pain, help damaged tissues heal, and regain optimal range of motion. If poor workplace ergonomics or other lifestyle issues contribute to your pain, we can recommend changes to help you stay pain-free in your daily activities.

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