Getting Ready for Sports

With summer upon us, sports season is in full swing. Both adults and kids alike can benefit from a visit to a Midland, MI chiropractor as they prepare for sports seasons. From preventing injury to ensuring a full range of motion, chiropractic care is an important part of the prep for any sport. Simmons Specific Chiropractic has a full range of services that can benefit athletes this summer.


At Simmons Specific Chiropractic, our chiropractic services provide athletes with natural, holistic opportunities to build strength and improve their bodies as they prepare for their sports season. Our services include:

  • Spinal Adjustment. The core of what we do is the spinal adjustment, which re-aligns the vertebrae to prevent subluxations and the pain and discomfort associated with them. When the back is properly aligned, athletes experience improved range of motion, looser muscles and improved comfort in not just the spine, but also other areas of the body.
  • Nutritional Counseling. An athlete must fuel his or her body well in order to succeed. Simmons Specific Chiropractic can help you learn about proper nutrition and the delicious food that you can be eating to improve your function as an athlete.
  • Massage Therapy. Massage helps improved blood flow to all areas of the body, and improved blood flow can improve performance of the muscles as well as flexibility. Massage can also reduce the muscle pain athletes often experience while training.
  • Lifestyle Adjustments. Can a change in the way you sit, lift, or throw a ball improve your athletic performance? Sometimes it can, and the team at Simmons Specific Chiropractic can help you determine this.
  • Therapeutic Stretching. Stretching can limber up the muscles and ligaments so you are better positioned to perform. We can suggest stretches that will complement our adjustments.

Prepare for Sports Season with a Midland Chiropractor

Simmons Specific Chiropractic, your Midland, MI chiropractor, wants you to be ready for the sports season. Schedule your chiropractic appointment to prepare for your newest sport.