Shoulder Pain Relief with Simmons Specific Chiropractic

Our Midland MI chiropractors are not only trained to adjust your neck and back, but also adjust joints such as your shoulders to reduce shoulder pain. If you are dealing with pain in your shoulders from an injury such as an auto accident or a sports collision or if your injury has occurred slowly over years of poor posture, our chiropractors help re-position the joint. The gentle adjustments to the shoulder place this unstable joint in a more comfortable position. We are able to provide relief from shoulder conditions such as:

  • Bursitis- an inflammation of the bursae sac in the shoulder joint
  • Tendinitis- an inflammation of the shoulder tendons
  • Rotator cuff injuries- muscle strains to the supporting shoulder muscles
  • Dislocation- when your shoulder joint comes out of alignment
  • Frozen shoulder- when the shoulder seizes up and is unable to move


If your first response to shoulder pain is to take anti-pain medication or talk with a surgeon, visit us instead. Our chiropractic approach is natural and medication free. We are often able to prevent your need for surgery. We work with your body to place it in a position in which it can heal. Our first target is the joint itself, but if the muscles, tendons and ligaments that keep the ball and socket joint of the shoulder in place are affected, we address those too. Massages to eliminate muscle tension are beneficial to help muscle strains, scar tissue and frozen shoulders heal. Our health team works together to eliminate your pain naturally. We show you better ways to work or set up your work area to eliminate shoulder strain. We also teach you corrective exercises that you can perform at home. These exercises stretch and strengthen your shoulder to eliminate pain and promote healing.

For natural shoulder pain relief, please call us today. Our chiropractors will be happy to see you soon and help you reduce your shoulder pain.

What causes your shoulder pain?

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